Emergency Call: 119 / 02+119

If you require fire and/or ambulance assistance the emergency phone number is 119. If dialing from a mobile phone you must dial 02 first (02-119). The emergency services phone number has services available in 12 languages. Also the Hanyang University Hospital provides medical services 24 hours, and the Hanyang International Cooperation Hospital is specially designed for international patients.

Police: 112 / 02+112

If, during your stay, you require police intervention in a situation which cannot be resolved, the police can be reached by dialing 02+112 from a mobile phone, or 112 from a land line.

Information: 1330

If you need any information about tourist information, transportation, restaurants, etc. You can dial 1330 and receive information for free in English. The service is available 24hours, and can help with a seemingly endless amount of situations.